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The blog is aimed at the generation that was born between 1946 and 1964 - the so-called Baby Boomers.

We are now into our middle-age and very interested in staying fit and healthy until well into our senior years.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Most folks think that over 50 it's hard to increase muscle strength. NONSENSE! I started weight training at 50 (eight years ago) when I could barely bench 40 kgs. About 5 months ago I started High Intensity Training (HIT) based on Mike Mentzer's Method (see post). I started the incline leg press at 250 kg to failure (HIT means going to muscle failure, never mind the number of reps). Now I'm at 300 kgs (660 pounds), a 20% increase in strength. Not so bad for 58 years old!

Health warning: Do NOT try HIT unless you are an experienced weight lifter or bodybuilder. It can be very stressful. As with all exercise, consult your medical practitioner before starting if you are new to this, and progress slowly with plenty of recovery time.