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Thursday, January 03, 2008


George Anderson, an anger management and executive coach for physicians asked the following question on LinkedIn (by the way, join as a major business network and see George's profile):

"Are the stresses in your life impacting your success?
Stress is a primary emotion which is a factor in many diseases including heart attacks, strokes, ulcers, diabetes,hypertension, depression and anxiety. Stress precedes anger and exacerbates frustration and anger. Stress reduces the ability to concentrate and focus on precision learning"

The answer is almost certainly yes if you are a senior executive from the BB Generation. What's important about this (aside from the obvious health aspects) is that senior executives hold the knowledge base for their companies. Given that increasingly knowledge is seen as a corporate asset, anything that impacts on this important resource such as stress-induced ill health or poor performance directly diminishes corporate wealth.

This is a subject that Boom Generation Fitness will be investigating. Watch this space!!

PS: the photo just illustrates the kind of pressure at work Baby Boomer executives are subject to.... not always lunching or playing golf!!

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