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Friday, July 17, 2009


CHECK OUT 'SAVVY HEALTH AND FITNESS' - the image is from this excellent site ( and the site has a wealth of useful info on what you must know about cholestrol. The one thing I've learned from a number of sources is that the key indicator is the CHOLESTROL RATIO - the ratio of 'good' HDL to total cholestrol.

My total cholestrol level is 122, divided by my HDL level of 35, gives a ratio of 3.5 - which is about the higheest level you want to have and not be at risk of a heart attack. (NB: the 'extremists', Kurzweil and Grossman say 2.5 is the highest level you should have). But my total cholestrol level is very low (some would say too low) so I think I'm OK. Check out these metrics, they can save your life.

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