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The blog is aimed at the generation that was born between 1946 and 1964 - the so-called Baby Boomers.

We are now into our middle-age and very interested in staying fit and healthy until well into our senior years.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I just asked the following question on LinkedIn: "I wonder if the Baby Boom generation (roughly born 1946 to '64 - but let's say anyone over 50) is really into health and fitness? I spend a LOT of time in gym's and I hardly see anyone my age.... I also run a blog and don't get the feedback I thought I would (Ok, maybe it's a crap blog!). Any feedback (especially from those in the frame) would greatly help me target my efforts to get more people interested. From a professional point of view, I believe physical and mental health is critical, more so as you age. Why don't more firms see this and incenntivize their staff accordingly and why don't the post-50s get it?". I'll post the answers. By the way, LinkedIn is a useful tool. especially for business and professionals and has a 'health' category for asking questions/getting answers from a wide network. Check out


Zamindar said...

I walk at least 4 miles every morning which keeps me relatively fit and its tough as its all up and down hills. Its an urban area with interspersed woodlands and park. But I seldom see anyone else at all. Sometimes the occasional dog walker and at weekends maybe a jogger or two. strange that nobody even does this light exercise.

Quartermaine' s World said...

Wow... some of the reaction to this question was ..... aggressive! I don't mean to lecture folks, and I was NOT suggesting Over 50s are lazy - far from it.