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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Are the Fittest Among Us Born That Way?

Someone just asked this on the networking site under 'Health'

"The fitness industry is a trillion dollar industry, selling everything from dietary supplements to products that promise to provide "abs of steel." However, after reading on the passing of Joe Rollino (see the news item below), who was quoted as saying that he was "born strong," I wonder how many of the people who are 'FIT' are actually "born" that way?,2933,582814,00.html?test=latestnews"

Here's my answer as posted on LI:

"It's obviously genetics to a certain point (like any animal, yep, sorry folks, at the biological level that's just what we are). But there's also training, and it depends too on what you mean by 'fit'? My current sport is resistance/strength training, but I was never going to be Arnold; that said within the limits of my genetics (a fairly hard gainer and an ectomorph) I think I've done a reasonable job at keeping muscle mass and stamina as I age. And then there's mentally and spiritually fit: some of that is hard-wired (genetics) but by no means all."

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