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The blog is aimed at the generation that was born between 1946 and 1964 - the so-called Baby Boomers.

We are now into our middle-age and very interested in staying fit and healthy until well into our senior years.

This blog provides some of the tools to do just that. You can find posts here and lots more by clicking on the links to THINK FIT and THE FITNESS PAPERS (see left side column).

These pages are about any and all matters concerning wellness, mind, body and spirit and, of course, physical exercise of all sorts. A special feature is an emphasis on individuals who can provide examples for us all of a healthy, energetic and positive life.


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


You need information and knowledge to stay fit and healthy...........

One blog is certainly not big enough for all the information needed. There are thousands - millions - of websites, books and articles dedicated to specific subjects that will be of particular interest to different individuals.

What we've done on this blog is to construct a portal to some of these sites and this is an area we see for major growth. Because the material is so extensive, this topic is covered on another page linked to this one. Just click the THINK FIT link on the right to go there.... The THINK FIT page covers books, articles, photos and all kinds of useful web links associated with maintaining a healthy mind in a healthy body


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We know to our cost how easy it is to offend people. It should go without saying that we respect people and the ethic of this blog is NOT to offend. That said, we reserve the right to make fair criticism of products or books or activities when we think this is warranted and helpful to our readers. If we are wrong or unknowingly offensive let us know and we will offer apology if one is due. We will also not accept offensive or defamatory contributions to this blog.

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