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The blog is aimed at the generation that was born between 1946 and 1964 - the so-called Baby Boomers.

We are now into our middle-age and very interested in staying fit and healthy until well into our senior years.

This blog provides some of the tools to do just that. You can find posts here and lots more by clicking on the links to THINK FIT and THE FITNESS PAPERS (see left side column).

These pages are about any and all matters concerning wellness, mind, body and spirit and, of course, physical exercise of all sorts. A special feature is an emphasis on individuals who can provide examples for us all of a healthy, energetic and positive life.


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Thursday, October 18, 2007


I've included this link to Legendary Fitness LLc because I'm a weightlifter and bodybuilder (not in the same class as Diane Fields and Richard Baldwin) and they aim their site specifically at the BB Generation. Here's a quote from a very interesting article entitled "Boomers and Injuries:.."Boomers must be realistic about the aging process, but that doesn't mean to stop training! It just means to train smart". Good advice. The site is dated 2003 and the last entry seems to be 2006, so I'd like to know if the Legendary Fitness crew is still pumping iron. Anyhow, check out the link - good pics too of some great champions like Frank Zane. P.S. the photo is me aged 56.... I look better now!

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